Zhejiang Bonly Elevator Guide Rail Manufacture Co., Ltd._关于我们
Bonly Elevator Guide Rail

                                     Zhejiang Bonly Elevator Guide Rail
                              Manufacture was founded in 2009, located in
                         Hangzhou China. Total land area is 7.5 acre, factory
                    area is 200,000 sqm. Equipped with various advance
                 machines, including super planers, CNC planers,
              automatic machining lines, auto-straightening/twisting
           machine, Automatic Vision Inspection System (AVIS).
       Bonly is the most advance and one of the biggest elevator
    guide rail manufacturer, in which the annual production capacity
 is 200,000 ton of finished elevator guide rail and 400,000 ton of
raw material.


Company Vision

To become quality partner of world well-known elevator companies

Company Mission

Building a world class brand, understanding market development trend, fulfilling customers’current and future demands and expectations

Core Value

More For Less






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