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Machined Guide Rail Properties

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 Surface Roughness

Roughness of guide rail surface will directly impact the movement smoothness of guide shoe, and causing the grease storage of the guide rail. This brings consequence to the movement smoothness of cart and comfort of passenger. Finally it also bring implications to the break distance of safety grip.

Perpendicularity is meant the perpendicular from top surface and bottom milling surface of guide rail, ISO standard specification is ≤0.1mm. The perpendicularity will impact the guide rail joint accuracy and brings implication to the elevator smoothness and comfort.


It means the parallelism of bottom milling surface and top surface of the guide rail, ISO standard specification is ≤0.2mm. The parallelism will impact the joint precision of guide rail and further reducing the smoothness and comfort of elevator.


It means the centering of tongue and groove, ISO standard specification is ≤0.1mm, high precision elevator guide rail is between ≤0.05mm and ≤0.03mm. Centering brings significant impact to the guide rail
joint precision, 2 guide rails failed in the centering specification when joint together will reducing the movement smoothness of guide shoe, it further will influence to the stability movement and comfort of elevator.

Tensile Strength

This is one of the most important mechanical property, ISO standard specification is between 410MPa and 520MPa. The tensile strength of guide rail will ensure the safety grip having sufficient support during the break mechanism taking place.

Chemical Composition

(Mn):0.35%~0.65% ;
Increase carbon content in steel, the breaking point and tensile strength will be increased as well but the elongation and resistance to impact will be reduced.
Silicon acts as a reducing and deoxidizing agent, Manganese acts as deoxidizing and desulfurizing agent, both improve toughness and strength property of steel. Phosphorus and Sulphurn are toxic agents in the steel, both reduce elongation and toughness property of steel, theirs content is less than 0.045%. The hardness of guide rail will ensure the safety grip gains sufficient friction during the break mechanism.
Straightness and Twist
偏移量最大的测量点到基准点的最短距离。 高速电梯使
Naming of Guide Rail

Naming of guide rail follows ISO standard, machined guide rail consists of 3 elements e.g. T type guide rail, width of the base and manufacturing process. /A means cold drawn guide rail, /B means machined guide rail, /BE means high precision machined guide rail, if there is necessity using the numbering to show the width of the base and cutting plane of the guide rail e.g. T45/A, T50/A, T70-1/B, T75/B, T78/B,
T82/B, T89/B, T90/B, T114/B, T127/B, T127-1/B, T140-1/B, T140-2/B, T140-3/B.